Fieldcraft is all about learning to survive 'in the field'! It doesn't go quite as far as catching their own dinner, but cadets will learn how to find/build shelter, live outside using only the bare essentials, avoid hazards and stay safe in various environments and get the most out of standard issue ration packs. Furthermore, they are be trained in various military combat maneuver techniques, such has how to move around quickly and stealthily in a combat zone, stay hidden when doing close target reconnaissance and how to communicate using hand signals.

Fieldcraft training can be delivered on parade nights but is more often done as part of a multi-day exercise with suitably qualified instructors in an appropriate training area. These exercises can also include other elements of field/combat training, such as using radio communications and include first aid scenarios. Above all, it encourages teamwork and leadership, so for those that are natural leaders then this could be their time to shine!

At the age of 16 cadets are able to apply for the Junior Leaders course at Nestcliffe, and upon completion will be authorised to wear the coveted Blue lanyard.

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