Radio & Cyber

Whilst advancements in technology have given us the internet, email and GPS etc, radio communication is still the preferred method of communication for things like air traffic control, troops on manoeuvre and communication between individuals or groups of personnel over a large area or long distance. The RAF Air Cadets has its own radio communication system and syllabus with which cadets can be trained how to send/receive messages using current military voice procedures, as well as learn about the basic technical concepts of how it all works. Regular training activities are run both locally and nationally, and RAFAC often uses radio communication at large scale events such as The Royal International Air Tattoo where cadets can put their radio operating skills into real practice. It is even possible to get an Amateur Radio Foundation License which is very beneficial if a cadet wants to pursue radio-related activities as a hobby.

Similarly, advancements in technology have given us a whole new online/virtual world which can be fraught with risks and danger to those who do not know how to use it safely. Therefore, as part of a national scheme aimed at all youth organisations and schools, the RAF Air Cadets offers cyber awareness and safety training. This is available in a variety of levels and ranges from how to spot phishing attacks, the dangers of social media and cyber-bullying, right up to learning how to setup secure networks and how to reduce the risk of hacking and cyber attacks. This training also includes an introduction into things like coding and using online systems to maximum effect for those interested in a career in the industry.

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