Flying & Gliding

Flying & gliding are activities largely unique to us, and certainly no other youth organisation offers the same range of options as the RAF Air Cadets.

The core flying and gliding opportunities are structured to give cadets the chance to learn about the basic principles of flight and the unique principles associated with each discipline by undertaking ground based training in the classroom and part-task trainers (small simulators). This is followed by flight time in the real aircraft one-on-one with a qualified instructor where they will be able to take the controls themselves!

As cadets progress through their Air Cadet careers there will be other flying and gliding opportunities available, like the Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Training Scheme or a scholarship in the respective discipline. These work on an application/selection basis are designed to give more specialist training and/or additional skills and flying time in a particular area. This is particularly beneficial if they are thinking about a career as a pilot or similar.

During their time in the organisation, cadets may also get the opportunity to fly in other aircraft operated by the RAF. This is not guaranteed by any means, however it is not uncommon for operational RAF squadrons to offer up 'spare seats' in the back of an A400 or Chinook on a training flight, or for the 'best cadet' on a summer camp to be rewarded with a flight in one of the aircraft operated from the base, such as a Hawk or Texan!

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