Shooting, or more specifically target-rifle shooting, is another very popular activity we offer. It is a highly developed skill that requires excellent hand-eye co-ordination, concentration and self-discipline. We have qualified instructors and supervisors that offer training and activities designed to take someone who has never shot before and turn them into a skilled marksman!

We have a variety of different rifles available for use, such as Air Rifles, the L144 A1 Small Bore Rifle, the L98A2 Cadet General Purpose Rifle and the L81 Cadet Target Rifle. Whilst some of these rifles can only be used on large outdoor ranges, often on military training areas or bases, others can be operated on smaller ranges typically built on squadron premises. This helps us make the activity available to all so everyone can have a go and learn the basic principles before progressing onto the larger weapons if they wish.

Shooting activity is often done at weekends, either at a nearby squadron or outdoor range. Sometimes there will be opportunities as part of a summer camp depending on the facilities available, and sometimes there are entire three, four or five day camps dedicated to shooting training and activities. These are primarily designed to give cadets a chance to train on and fire rifles they otherwise might not have access to. There are also national competitions they can get involved in, and even clay pigeon shooting is offered in some areas.

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